K&YFOB Multipurpose Pliers


Multipurpose K&YFOB pliers are the Swiss Army knives of the tool world, offering a compact yet versatile solution for a wide range of tasks. With their ergonomic design and durable aluminium construction, these pliers are crafted to tackle various jobs with ease. From gripping and bending to cutting wires and cables through opening your beers, they provide all-in-one functionality for efficiency and convenience. Since I know you are always driving your cars and sometimes also needing to fix them, multipurpose pliers are an essential addition to any toolkit, offering flexibility and reliability whenever you need it.

It goes without saying they are part of "IF DRIVEN SLOWLY REPORT AS STOLEN" driving essentials, pre announcing and perfectly fitting the K&YFOB tool kit roll in leather to be released shortly (I'm finishing some details to be defined).

They come with my K&YFOB logo on one leg and "IF DRIVEN SLOWLY REPORT AS STOLEN" on the other one. No variations are possible.

Get yours and say cheers to me when you will open your next beer!