WIWE - Wisdom Weekender

600.00 - 650.00

When boredom is keeping tracking you, routine is eyeballing you, now you can break free and not to live with them anymore.

K&YFOB is WIWE - Wisdom Weekender with “perk up” system.. can you do this thing to yours?

It represents the 2nd generation of my weekender bags.
Keeping the simple and functional shape, here you can get about +25% inner space (did some easy math) just opening the “ears”.

You can keep flying with it because since it’s a soft bag will be compliant even with most strict airlines (in case close “ears”).

Size is about ~50x25x24 cm as the existing weekender for sale (which I will keep among my products), but the WIWE is the solution for who wants to have some extra space opening the ears and gaining then some inner volume.

Yes, it fits in a small sportcar trunk as the previous one, but here with some inner magic: my Italian problem solving way to find other solutions when needed.

Shoulder strap is included as always, and you can decide for your bag, as usual, colours and types of leather / suede and have it in full leather / suede or fabric combo (also ones from automotive world of course).

This WIWE n.00 in pictures is presented in Pascha fabric matching 924-944 interiors to pay homage to this car, and last but not the least, the name: WIWE, made from the union of English words WISDOM and WEEKENDER, but this is another story..

K&YFOB, now you don't have more excuses for next trip.

Each bags is made-on-order, it could take up to 20 days to be ready for shipping.

Shipping worldwide with UPS Express Courrier

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